Thursday, April 1, 2010

weird to me. amazing to him.

Squatting down from behind me, a guy touched my shoulder and asked,
*with amazement while pointing to my Krypton15’s screen*

I was so blur and I gave him the “Huh? the raise one eyebrow thingy”
He explained to me slowly with his Japanes/Korean English and guess what? I understood!

And I explained to him, “OH! That! I took it with my phone and I transfer it to my laptop.”
It's the photo (in windows photo viewer) of one of the stuff we presented in class just now (was taken with my Silverpoon and I just transferred them)

Again, with AMAZEMENT...he goes,
OOOOHHhhhHhHh!!!!! *a wide smile...while nodding his head, he stood up and walked away*

OMG! This is the weirdest thing so far I’ve encountered here.
Oh btw, he’s kinda cute..but too bad didn’t manage to get his name.
and it's ok..he's just plain weird. lol.

Krypton15- my laptop
Silverspoon- my handphone

With love,