Friday, February 26, 2010

Off to MOO MOO Land

15/16.2.2010- monday/tuesday
penang-singapore (tiger airways)
singapore-sydney (british airways)
sydney-auckland (qantas)

i went through hell with my laugage
ok, it was over weight! XP
they told me there were no student package at the very beginning.
ok, well..whatever.
extra charge at Penang Int. Airport.

off to singapore at 12.20pm
reached at around 2pm
from budget terminal i needed to take the shuttle to terminal 2
then, to terminal 1 with my laugage and bags.. fuh!
damn heavy!

anyway, wanted to go for the early check-in,
but there was some the lady to me to go to the unaccompanied bags,
which is at basement 2 to cargo my bags, if not it will cost me a bomb.
fine! i went down, but the uncle told me it would cost up to S$900+
and will take 14 days to reach Akl.

so went up again, and she told me i gotta check out at sydney.
i would be cheaper..
i do not have a visa to aussie.
so immediatelly i did my visa.
if i were to let them do for me, it's S$70 but if i were to do it myself, it's AU$20.
ok..i did it myself.
and yea, with my extra baggage charges too..

oh well...
i went off to sydney at 8pm
met Marco from Macau on board

landed in sydney.
OMG! the immigration won't let me through!
cuz they said if i were to take my bags, i'll miss my flight!
-the lady in changi told me to check out in sydney, and say i have enough time...
whoever is she who works for qantas..

i was damn panic!
i eventually ran with my hand carry bags to check in for my next flight.
i was praying and praying...
really, my prayers were answered!
i manage to check in..and i got my laugage checked in too.
i told the lady my problem and she helped me call BA to transfer my laugage to Qantas.
what a release!

uncle jarnail and aunt pamy came and fetch us.
took us back to their house.
and there we met uncle bill, aunt brigitte and gabbie.

17.2.2010- wednesday
thanks, yv for the day too! :) *hugs*
apartment hunt day.
had kebab for late lunch.

18.2.2010- thursday
reema's orientation


jade's orientation

With love,