Saturday, January 30, 2010

my observation: 001

- a lady asking his son's opinion on a plate.
- a 40-something year old guy discovering the many tables on display.
- a mother resting while feeding her child.
- a young couple, holding hands... browsing through the kitchen section.
- another couple looking at the catalogue.
- kids (2 brothers and 4 sisters) checking out the different dining tables.
- a little girl explaining to her dad about the kid's chair in the kitchen.
- a boy in a MU shirt pushing the small trolley .
- a fella observing the technology behind how one of the kitchen cabinet is done.

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DUGG-32cm wall clock

- 2 teenage boys imagining themselves using a computer while trying out a few tables and chairs.
- a family consisting of atuk, nek, mama, bang, dik sitting on different types of chairs while resting.

JOAKIM (Rm799)
i sat on both.
but i still prefer a comfy couch! keke..

- a dad sitting down on the bed to test the comfort.
- a girl standing in front of the mirror admiring herself.

- on tiptoes, 2 kids busy finding for their little toy friends.

- a young mother using TITTA DJUR (finger puppets) to tell her daughter stories.
- "When we came the other day, there were not so many people. Why is it there are so many people today?" a 60-something old lady complaining to her daughter.

cuz it's a Sunday noon at Ikea.
20th December 2009.

With love,