Monday, January 25, 2010

i headed south

20-24 Jan'10

+ thank you, KIJADE for taking me to the airport!

+ up in the air

+ reached johor and immediately drove up to malacca with Pearl and Vunfang to meet PAM! :)
there's the map i drew to pam's crib. lol XP i still got there in a piece!

+ round bandar bersejarah and had steamboat for dinner

+ lunch at BBQ chicken with Pearl and Amanda

+ ikea for breakfast with Pearl

+ Full House @ Jln Yap Kwan Seng, KL for lunch with Amanda, Alvina, and friends.
ok, the food is average! service SUCKS! imagine there's so many employees but they're like part of the deco...stood there. but ok, i'll just give thumbs up for deco. oh, and i dunno why there's lots of flies around. wth!

+ Sunway Lagoon with Pearl, Amanda and Alvina

+ Showered at Tower Hotel (Lisa's friend's sleepover party) we were mak tumpang's of the bathroom.. lol .thanks, lisa!

+ Pappa Rich for dinner with AZIAN and MICHELLE!

+ next day, lunch with Pearl, Amanda, Vincent and Siree at Ikea.

With love,