Sunday, December 13, 2009

these friends of mine...

a little update here and there of people from here, there and everywhere.

21st Nov 2009
Jordan came for the Penang Bridge Run.
Took him from the airport, makan-makan, went to Qbay to get the 'run' stuff.

23rd Nov 2009
Andrew, Kar Yan and their gang was in Penang over the weekends for their work in Gurney.
Took them for breakfast and grab some Him Hiang biscuits before hiding back.

same day.
went for lunchie at Sega with the gals.
Pearl, Chiew Nyen, Florence, Shi-Minh (+Jeff), Ting En, Yoong and her bro

bowling after that!
btw, GREEN ball rocks!

then dinner at Mizi Bistro at New World Park with the gang.
Ee Wei, Kijade, Kitt Yeng, and Suh Chyn joined us. :)

24th Nov 2009
1st climb from moongate.
with Pearl, Amanda, Shea Ling, Ying, Nyen, Yoong, Florence.
oh, when we were half way down, shi-minh n jeff joined us too.

25th Nov 2009
swimming with the cousins! :)
had pizza after that and off to the playground!!! WUUHUU! :)

26th Nov 2009
dinner at Azuma and New Moon with the rest at Qbay.
we got the 14 tix on the 24th. fuhhh! luckily got tix for us! :)

27th Nov 2009
2nd climb.
with Chiew Nyen, Ying, Florence, Sze Ming, Pearl, Amanda, Justin.
this time we went up to no.84 :)

so fun! get to see these peeps after quite sometime.
really glad to have so many gatherings in a week. lol.
ahhh..i miss them!

uhhh..was climbing lots of hills in the island the past few weeks. lol.
feels healthier now~ XP

With love,