Monday, November 9, 2009

what a day to be alive

(via ache)
a day when you start playing the 3rd song in your cd.
a day when you go to the god damn big field.
(where you feel like screaming you heart out.
but you just can't bcs of the ppl around. wth, right?
that's why i don't like humans at times..oh..pls forgive me but yea)
a day when you go out with your little cousins and your sis.
a day when you throw that thing which will make you happy when you are sad.
(i still don't know if it does put a smile on my face, but i tried.
i tried to smile but inside i cry)

a day when candles add to your cake.
(but you don't actually have candles to blow nor a cake to cut)
but, again.
What a day to be alive.
a day when you go to the little sisters of the poor, old folks home.
a day when you visit the orphans in st joseph's orphanage.
a day you teach the little ones to give and not just to receive.

a day filled with love.
What a day to be alive.

With love,