Saturday, November 14, 2009

this is reality

after done with their drawings,
while waiting for their parents and playing lego,
the little girl asked the boy repeatedly,

"Can you please build me a time machine, please?"

it was 7pm, art class is now over.
but the rain is still not.
cats and dogs are still not over too.

cd in the car is playing.
*rain continues*
inside out. it's just raining.
the jam is deadly.
took me around 45 minutes stuck, in pain all alone.
the jam is deadly.
inside out. it's just raining.
*rain continues*
cd in the car is playing.

my head, eyes, chest, heart...from top to toe- just hurts.
i was shivering but my body was damn warm.
and the damn traffic was moving so slowly.
it all hurts.

reached home.
grab the red hoodie and covered myself.
asked sis and dad to take me to the doctor.
usually i don't want to see the doctor..but not yesterday.
i really can't stand it anymore.

doctor: 39.2°C.
jade: *no wonder*

dinner, shower, medic and off to bed.
grab another jacket, under the blanket, without the fan on,
i tried to sleep.
i couldn't.
the whole body was still aching- my head, eyes, chest, heart...

soon the medic works wonders and i'm knocked out.
and i didn't make it for lunch with the bunch of girls today :(

why sick? why sick at this time? what's my problem?
mom said i'll fall sick whenever i've got a problem.
so what's my problem now?
do i have a problem?

it's the weather! lol.

and oh.. there was no answer to the little girl's question,
and the boy didn't build her a time machine.

With love,


led said...

"it's not a stage play.
all you gotta do is be yourself.

take out the mask, please."

see..ur words are amazing jade. it simple yet full of it as much u love my photos! :p

Jade¬ said...

:) thanks, khalid!
we both inspire each other.. *winks*

(p/s: do i call u khalid or led? lol..)

mkhalidibrahim said...

led, jade! :D