Sunday, November 15, 2009

for once in my life

not that.

i saw a rainbow.
every time i see a rainbow, it's as if it's my first time looking at one.
i'm a very happy Jade when i see a rainbow.

i was finding for the other end of the rainbow, but could not find it.

i stood there smiling at the sky.
and my mom shouted back when i tell her there's a rainbow,
"Good Luck is coming!"
i continued smiling.

it's actually a double rainbow.
smile grew wider.
but i am still searching for the other end of the rainbow at the same time. found it!

i just stood there and continued smiling.
i didn't go to my room and grab my Buttercup
for i just wanted to enjoy that moment at that very moment.
for once in my life.

With love,