Sunday, November 8, 2009

Bus ride

5 Nov 2009
I was waiting.
5pm sharp, my phone reminder rang. but it's ok.
everyone's now awake from the sweetest dream of all time.
i accidentally pressed the left button
but canceled it within a split second.
all i could do was to delete the 'task'.

My bus has arrived.
popped a Mentos in my mouth as i picked up
"Gift From The Sea" by Anne Morrow Lindbergh
from my very thorn big brown bag,
and plugged in to my ipod with my James Morrison songs all lined up.

Yup, it seems that there's 'a whole caravan of complications' going on. And i would 'want the windows open all the time and i don't want to worry about the rain'.
(some lines i took from the book)

Dinner is served. Chicken rice.
Oh! i ate it (fyi, you can never see me ordering this)
anyway, i didn't finish it.

*♪-Songs For You, Truth For Me continues*

I looked outside.
the clouds were so low. as if i could touch them.
i bet it's very chilling out there.
i saw mist among the hills.
i can just feel the coldness out there from inside here.
i warmed myself with my hoodie, the red one and my Jedi beside me.

An unbearable degree.
i think i was cold.
the cabin crew even gave me a blanket.
but before that, something warm blurred my eyesight.
all i could do was to shut my eyes.

Time continues ticking.

I reached my destination.
i slept early that night.

With love,


mkhalidibrahim said...

love ur writing jade! =]

and not to forget, happy bday!
wish u a wonderful time ahead, do live ur life ya!
how to do it, will always be on ur own defination. =]

with love,
led =p

Jade¬ said...

khaild, my writings are just my scribbles from my heart. :) thanks!

i love your photos very very very much. (words just can't describe it. lol. u know what i's like SUKA SANGATTTTT! lol)

thanks for the birthday wish ya.
and Happy Sunday, led! :)

mkhalidibrahim said...

"to a beautiful heart, everything appears beautiful" =]

hehe appreciate it so much that u love my photos! =D and ohh currently ur photos also do inspire me a lot!

so how was the bday clbration? got a blast?
btw happy monday! =]

Jade¬ said...

:) wow! glad to hear that! :) thanks. yup! yup! your photos do inspire me a lot too. thanks!

birthday was normal la.. :)
happy monday, led!