Sunday, October 18, 2009

a week of October in PJ

9 Oct 2009, Fri
- my road trip alone
with my Jedi and Red-T, d green snake
(why red-t? T stands for

- dinner with Nyen and Jano at My Elephant.

- "Private Lives of Pippa Lee" @ cineleisure with them too.

10 Oct 2009, Sat
- Lelong Lelong Marketplace at Aisa Cafe.
Marcia's Project Trippy was there too!!! :D
check it out at
Mich and Pam were there too.

- 3K inn for books warehouse sale!!!
- dinner with teck and pam n her sis.
- yum cha with them, alwi, pearlyn, charmaine, shern, andrew, audrey.

11 Oct 2009, Sun
- car showroom with alwi and teck
- curve with teck

- chillis with pam, teck, alwi, pearlyn, charmaine, mike

got a new book at borders! :)

12 Oct 2009, Mon
- after IACT wen to ikea for lunch with pam and ching

- dinner with anita, alwi, ching, n teck at teppanyaki, MV.

13 Oct 2009, Tues
- dinner with Joyce, JO and their gang at wong kok, 1u.

- "Whiteout" movie premier with ching n zoe at tropicana.
Thanks, ching! :)

153 Oct 2009, Thurs
- dinner with jee kuan, myra, ben at Nirwana banana leaf, Bangsar.
- had cuppa at the bean.

With love,