Thursday, October 29, 2009

nuffies invaded the merlion city

23 Oct 2009, Friday
- gathered at Nuffnang office in KL and off we go

- checked in to Link Hotel and get ready

Huai Bin don't know how to tie his tie.
ok, good deed of the day, help him tie his tie! XP

- Nuffnang Regional Blog Awards 2009 at Pan Pacific

Ginny, Ching, Yat and Jien

Ming and Tim giving the welcome speech


Best Blog Shop- BonitoChico

Best Parenting Blog- Childhood 101

met Jessica. my primary/high schoolmate.

with Diese and Dyra

YC got the Best Hidden Gem Blog- The Doodle Blog

Micaela and i randomly snap each other. LOL!

24th Oct 2009, Saturday

- Chinatown Heritage Museum

- URA Museum

- lunch at Maxwell Food Centre

- Mint Museum of Toys

- Raffles Hotel

and ice cream break at McD

- Royal Selangor Pewter Museum @ Clarke Quay

- Singapore Flyer

- Esplanade & Merlion Park

- Bugis Street
OOOH our MOS burger!

my unagi rice burger is oh-so-delicious!

Ching and Jian

Zach and Robb

25th Oct 2009, Sunday
- Orchard Road

breakfast at Tiong Bahru

wafer ice cream at Orchard :)

- back to KL with my Jedi

ok, even though i'm not a super blogger,
but i was really lucky to be invited by Chee Ching to go for this event.
i really enjoyed myself very much.

Thanks, Ching for the invite!
Thanks, Nuffnang!

With love,


Jian Akiraceo (Miao) said...

Fuwah!! 3 days in a post..You're good! ^^

Anyway, really nice to meet you ^^

Jade¬ said...

lol. i just hentam all masuk oni. kekeke..
you've got a really nice blog. n ya, it's very nice to meet you :)

Samantha Chow said...

i regret, shouldve tried the rice burger and the wafer ice cream omg looks so nice!!!!!!!!!

Chingy said...

We must go againnn! :D *Hint*

Jade¬ said...

sam and ching, we'll go there again next time for the burger and yes, the ice cream too! :)

but sam, u had ben and jerry's! :( nice oh?

Micamyx said...

Jade! I've been looking for you LOL! It was nice meeting you at the awards night :) Hope to see you again soon

Jade¬ said...

Micaela, heyz! glad u've found me! kekeke...
i'm not a super blogger like urself. i was my friend's guest for that event.
nice to meet u and yes, would love to meet you again next time! in Philippines maybe? XD keep in touch.