Wednesday, October 28, 2009

the NN awards 2009

Guess who went to the
first ever Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards?

yeah! i was part of of the 400 bloggers and guests there.

23 October 2009, Friday.
Gala Dinner at the Pan Pacific Singapore

Blogs of subject interest:

  1. Best Blog Shop: BonitoChico
  2. Best Food Blog: ieat-ishoot-ipost
  3. Best Fashion Blog: Lady Melbourne
  4. Best Parenting Blog: Childhood 101
  5. Best Travel Blog: En Route
  6. Best Geek Blog: Mr Gadget
  7. Best Celebrity Blog: Joanne Peh
  8. Best Entertainment Blog: kennysia

Overall blog Categories:

  1. Best Original Blog Design: Xiaxue
  2. Most Influential Blog: Xiaxue
  3. Best Hidden Gem: The Doodle Blog
  4. Region's Best Blog: Xiaxue

P/S: my post on the event and photos will be up next!

With love,


Mr_Gadget said...

Great little video Jade :)

Thanks for sharing and the mention.

Kind regards,
Arnold aka Mr.Gadget

Jade¬ said...

:) thanks, arnold!

And you're most welcome and CONGRATZ on the win!