Tuesday, September 22, 2009

weeks n weeks n weeks ago...

ok it's been sometime since i blah blah about my stuff.
ok let me do this tonight.

1. Pearly's convo
18 August 2009, UTM, Johore
She got the her diploma now.. after 3 very long years...
and also, some gold medal award.
She's also the recipient of Academic Award in Diploma in Architecture (for the best design or something like that.
That's my sister! :)

2. JP's birthday
we celebrated for JP (my great grand mom's friend's bday)
he's 79 this year.
he was really happy as he said this was his first time celebrating.
:) glad we made his day.
oh ya... the clouds were lovely that day.

3. Visit to poor family
with dad's lions club

4. Ee Poh, Uncle Branden, Michelle and Lisa came to Penang.
took them around the island.

With love,


ikanbilis said...

congrats Pearly!

please design pretty buildings around this country and beat the ugly square white boxes with ugly window!

Pearly said...

Thanks, Azhan!
Glad to hear from you.
How have you been doing?