Sunday, September 13, 2009


A note to my dear friends who have stepped into my life.

A year ago in September, i was walking along the beach
with a bunch of wacko peeps of mine.
Looking at ourselves walking together.
Listening to the laughter's of ourselves
after falling off from the banana boat.
Feeling the warm existences of them all.
I was happy.
I smiled.

Today, a day in September 2009, i walked down the beach alone.
Looking at the sun set.
Listening to the sound of waves.
Feeling the cold breeze.
I was sad.
I smiled.

While looking at the horizons, I thought to myself this,
"Sometimes, when you are all alone,
you feel that you're such a lost soul in the deepest woods.
But looking back at things, memories are here to be cherished.
I enjoyed 'the moment'.
I felt lucky.
I felt thankful.
My friends were there. They were there as part of my journey."

...and so, i felt my heart smiling while thinking of all those good memories we all had together. ♥

Today, we all might be far apart,
but 'the moments' we all had together were priceless
and will always be close to my heart.

thank you for 'the moments', my dear friends.

With lots of love,