Tuesday, September 22, 2009

i came, i enjoyed, but now im gone

4th Sept, Friday.
Reached at 9pm.
Dropped my bags and off i went to Damn Syiok!'s Retributions movie premier
with Alwi, Andrew and Audrey at Cineleisure

After that, Groove Junction with them, teck, cindy, and shern.
Met ryan, u-jinn and vince.

thanks, Alwi for the ride and all! :)

5th Sept, Sat.
Breakfast with aunt, sis, cousin at 1U.

Shooping with cousin n sis.

Lunch with Ek, Jin and Swee Ling at Dragon-i.

Brownies with Pearl at Delicious.

Euro Deli for dinner with family.

yum cha with the whole gang!
wah! damn happy to meet the gang after so long!
really happy to meet everyone!
let me see who was there...
albert, alwi, teck, andrew, audrey, jon, ean, joshua ding, joshua hor, ekmund...

6th Sept, Sun.
Temple with Cindy.

Dim Sum at her party place before she went to UK.
(and now she's gone...she's in uk dy... )
Meet up with Mich n Viwan for ice cream at Ikea.

Back to Penang with Ek, Jin and Khang Feng.
Was supposed their road trip.
but they ended up in Penang for 3 days 2 nights
at Tune and G Hotel! roflmao! XP
guess they really enjoyed themselves in penang.

With love,