Thursday, July 9, 2009

of robes, red ribbons and smiles...

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4th July 2009.
Saujana Resort, KL.
IACT Convocation.

the air was filled with smiles and laughter.
photographers were busy.
people busy congratulating each othere.

one by one, went up stage.
feeling proud of themselves.
parents sitting down there, looking at their kids...
all grown up. graduated.

my parents came from penang that day, with my nanny.
my sis she came from johore.
when i were to about to enter the hall,
there's not a sight of them.
i feft sad.
but when it's my turn to go up there,
i saw all of them.
i smiled.
and i told myself...
"They're always there for me when i needed them.
Thank you, Dad.
Thank you, Mom.
Thank you, Pearl che.
Thank you, aunty."

With many thanks to Star Publications (M) Bhd
for giving me the Star Scholarship to finish up my diploma.

Jedi was with me on that day. :)
My aunt got me flowers and wrapped it together with Jedi.

yes, i've graduated...
but this is my first.

more to come.

With love,