Monday, July 6, 2009's time to let this go

she was happy sitting down.
doing nothing.

smiling while looking at them
playin', drinkin', talkin', and chillin' last night.

it made me smile but i teared inside.

there's so many things we need to let go.

the people who comes in our lives.
will need to go one day.
the girl who smiled but teared inside
knew that she's not gonna see all of them so often,
therefore she chose to just sit and stare.

my dear mich, azian, pam, joe,
anita, yv, ching, teck, ek, josh, alwi,
ding, albert, nicky, jordan, weijun, andrew, jon
and all IAA65/66 peeps,
i'm so gonna miss you guys.

sorry if i were to hurt you.
thank you if you were to say you're welcome. :)

the environment we're in.
will need to change one day.
now. back in penang.
was here 2 years ago.
time passes. the environment changed.
i was there.
but now, i'm back.
(first time feeling sad when i come back home)
the question remains, "WHY?"

the things we own.
will not be ours one day.
half an hour ago, i almost gave up.
and i thought there goes my precious convo photos.
gotta leave it and let it go...
but a saviour appeared and saved my life
(yes! my life! was very sad since saturday when i saw the memory card error)
thanks, ek! :)

it's all attachment.
can we let all of these go?

With love,


Chee Ching said...


I cannot tahan!


Jade¬ said...

cry lah! we all can cry together gether~

Chee Ching said...

*Hugs Jade*



Ntw I starting work on the 20th. Aish!