Wednesday, July 15, 2009

21st Century- Through My Lens.

my eyes and my camera.

Growing Up in the 21st Century, in different parts of the world, having different perspectives on things. Limitations and advantages are part and parcel of us...boys and girls. Stereo typing's another problem.

Through my 3 photos in the photo contest by Plan UK and Shoot Experience, I share what girls in India are today.

In India, there are many girls who do not
have the opportunity to study.
With no education, the girls face discrimination everyday.
When will the get the opportunity to
Live. Laugh. Learn. Love?

I really hope that the society can be more equal and they do not stereotype girls as the weaker group. And that they are given the chance to Live. to Laugh. to Learn. and to Love.

Let my photos speak...

Because I'm a girl.
There's no difference between a girl and a boy.
I can live. I can laugh. I can learn. I can love. For I am a girl.

What's holding me back?
My future in my hands today?

What could I be?
Mom's Pride.

Click on my photos to RATE them.
Thanks a bunch!

With love,