Monday, March 9, 2009

up there. down here.

February 27. 6pm.
we went up there, Genting.
jordan fetch andrew, ching, yv and i up. 
azian, joe, pam, sophea and teck went up there in the afternoon...played there too.
went up cuz our RM200 card for our Sales Promo assignment last year will expire on 28th. 

when we reached, had buffet.
went around snapping here and there...
played some childhood games.
ooo...there were ibu ayam and helang, pepsi cola, AEIOU, ooozom, and so many more! 
oh was so fun!

went back to our hotel around 2ish.
this video is damn classic of teck.
omg! if i were to shoot his reaction. 

ek came. went to the casion with teck, andrew and jordan.
the othere were at the room, games and drinks.
slept at around 5ish.
woke up, branch. 
back at around 4pm.

And came down here, ek's crib. around 7ish. had BBQ!!!
aaahh..after the meal, they had their drinks and games again.
i tot of resting awhile, but urmm..i fell asleep. *while they were making super duper loud noises outside!* lol!

With love,