Monday, March 23, 2009

these things...

6th March 2009, Friday.
Red Box, Curve.
People: Teck, Andrew, Ek, Albert. Audrey and Kim joined us too.

7th March 2009, Saturday.

Ara Damansara.
People: Ek, Teck, Sherman, Andrew, Wei Jun, Anita, Jordan, Joshua H, Ding, Jae Shen, Joe, Albert, Ean, Jon, Hanif, Neilson, Sean, Lai Soon, Ms Jenny.
Before the thing starts, we wondered around...
hong kong disneyland? LOL!

13th March 2009. Friday.
1. IACT. Stop Motion Workshop by DNA.
here's something we did.

2. Gardens. MV.
Joshua Hor's Bday Party!
Flying Chillies and bowling.
People: Ek, Teck, Jordan, Albert, Ding, Joe, Anita, Eva, Wendy, Pam, Mich, Ching, Ean, Jon, Andrew.

14th March 2009. Saturday.
1. Lunch with Kitt Yeng and Jacq at Fish n Co

2. Education Fair. KLCC.

3. Human Watching (by Jeganathan Ramachandram)
Galeri Petronas
With Pam and Azian.
My day: Wednesday! =)

*click to enlarged chart*

Me with his Wednesday painting!

19th March 2009. Thursday.
1. Shoot for our 2-AID's Project UnMasked Corporate Video
People: Ek, Jon, Ean, Azian, Sherman, Anita, Pam, Bryan, Alwi, Josh, Andrew.
psst... thanks, ekmund for helping us shoot this video! =)

2. Ice Cream with Jo, Thomas, JC and Anita at Big Ice

20th March 2009. Friday.
Dinner with Pam, Ching, Anita, Teck and Ek.

oh ya..PAM GOT HER CAMERA!!!! finally! wuuuhuuu! =)

all in one.

With love,