Monday, February 2, 2009

the truth of 8 Nov, 2008

The Hidden Camera
Azian actually booked me for saturday to go for 
Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra.
she said 4 of us, together with mich and pam.
but it turned out that mich couldn't join us, and she needed replacement,
Caryn came in.
and when she was coming in, she said she didn't wear formal.
i actually sms azian i was in KL (which i really was there) 
and i said i'll go to KLCC myself.
she do not need to fetch me.
i told my sis to give her 5 minutes and she'll call back.
i was so damn true!
she called and asked me to teman her to fetch sophea and pam.
GOTCHA before you GOT ME! XP
(dun marah wei...really sweet of u all xoxoxoxo)

Got d candle! ;)

my OMG! book.

speechless...all i could say was OMG!
my best birthday gift!

that's my bday videos...last year.
was doing my spring cleaning of my lappie these few days 
and saw all the videos.

seriously, thanks sooooooooooo much again, guys! =D
love you all! 

With love,