Sunday, February 8, 2009

loving the fun time!

Feb 5

"Every now and then I come across something that I feel strongly enough about to share with my friends. Today, it is a picture taken by Jade Lim, who isn't a friend of mine but who graciously allowed me to share this image with my FB friends. I'm seen a lot of pictures on Facebook, but this one absolutely stands out as the 'most fun' pic I've seen yet. The framing is like it is because this was shot for a photo assignment and there would be text where the grass it. I hope you all like it as much as I did. Thanks Jade!"
-Brian Mahoney-

*Brian posted this photo up with that written on. 
He was checking out a few of Elisabeth's friends in her recent notes..
where she tagged me too.*

This is an utterly fantastic shot! I love it!
Thanks for sharing Jade and Brian for sharing also!
-Timothy Terry at 3:47pm February 6-
sure. ;) 
thanks for the compliments and also sharing with your friends.
have a nice day! Cheers~
-Jade Lim at 2:01am February 8-
With love,