Tuesday, February 10, 2009

AHA! that's Mr Miraclé!

here's my MR Miraclé.
he's a nice guy. he loves to smile.
and he just made me did a magic!

u see...i don't usually draw these kinda stuff.
it's not my thing.
but today, i had my 1st visual comm class.
so i guess...miracle happened at Room 7! 
(my art teacher has always ask me to try to 
draw human..but urmm..i refuse to.muahhahaha)

such a simple thing, 
yet, i'm proud of myself.

With love,


mkhalidibrahim said...

ohh..it is good jade! now u can start drawing people! ;D

theuptownlife said...

wow. nice~ :)

Jade said...

led + fel- THANKS! =)
i nvr draw a human face before..
i'm the picasso type eh..eyes here, nose there, mouth on top..etc.. XP

Anonymous said...

Eh Sai Liau Lor! After all these years, finally the face of a human and not a tree!

Jade said...

TERPAKSA! so now can draw one type oni. the bold guy looking to that direction. LOL!