Thursday, January 22, 2009

revisiting history.

it's the 2nd 2008.

Did you know?
That i went to Malacca again the other day?
it was 27.12.2008.
I went with Jee Kuan, Myra, and Ben.
And after that came along...Ben's high school mates.
oh was my 1st time driving in and to Malacca! WuuuHUUuuu!!!
another small but big achievement of mine! =)

ok, we start off with McD for breakfast. they were so happy because McDonalds makes people happy. as usual, i had my Happy Meal. and it was also exchanging gifts time! =)
awww..thanks guys for that gift!

on the way....
people camewhore.
and we got into the holiday jam around town.

We had chicken rice balls for lunchie!

...and we walk, walk, walk...again...

...oh yea, we jump. JUMP. juMP, JUMPPPP tooo!!!
(oh wait..we FLYYYYYYYY, i mean)

...and they POSE!

...and according to Ben, we are like BONEY M!


we went off to Umbai (i think) for dinner. had ikan panggang and sotong.
waited quite long so we played UNO! =D