Monday, January 12, 2009

of pizza, turkey, wine and drinks...

X'mas Eve last year...

a last minute thing, i can say.
put up the tree like 5 hours before christmas.
got wine like 4 hours before christmas.
bought pizza and turkey slices like 3 hours before christmas.
we celebrated the eve at ek's crib.
ek, teck, belle, pam, josh, albert, alwi and i was there.
andrew was a lil late.

we started to find for christmas get us in the mood.
fixed the tree up.
got some food in.
start eating and chillin'.
and the drinks came in.

dropped Belle back at around 12.30am, went to meet the other gang at McD.
Myra, Jee Kuan, Ben and Yusri.
Jee Kuan got me some jelly beans from Aussie. =D

And i went back to ek's hse around 2am.
stayed on...waited for some of my friends to arrive.
went back to drop my car and
Alwi fetch me back to ek's hse at around 3plus.

With more friends coming.
Joe, Julia, Jon, Waiean, Nicky.
played cards games and a drink or two.
as usual..they have the drunk, drunker, drunkest! lol..
so yea..waited for the guys to sober and all...
and when home at aroun 5ish.

That's my Xmas Eve!

WIth love,