Friday, January 16, 2009

another new beginning...

...and so i won't get to see this building everyday anymore.
that's Menara Star by the way.
internship is finally over.
2 1/2 months and that is.

another time where decision making is difficult.
it's time for me to choose which elective subject for my Semester 6.
i've got a few choices.

1. Visual Communications I&II
2. Contextual Studies
3. Principles of Drawing
4. Multimedia Project & Production
5. Corporate Communication
6. International Marketing
7. Corporate Planning
8. Video Production
9. Copywriting

aaaaaahhh..i don't know...all oso i want! lol..i like all...
hrrrmmmm...gotta make up my decision by next week!
AHA! Intern report dateline postpone to 2nd February 2009!!! Wuuhuuu!
( that's why i have time to post this up ;p )

With love,