Thursday, December 11, 2008

my lullaby...

bella's lullaby


[play the song before you start reading]


been sick over the past few weeks.
my nose- flu. just bleed too.
my eye- red.
my chest- as usual on/off that stupid pain.
so does my head.
not fully recovered.
i just don't know why.
never before it's been so long.
medication everyday.
but my sickness is still not going away.

never before i felt so weak.
when my tears just came rolling down automatically...
at first it was the right eye,
i thought it's because my eye was cuz i rub it to hard.
but then...
tears just came out from the other eye too.

i was in the bus, watching some movie.
yes, it's a touching story.
i cried.
but my tears couldn't stop flowing down.
i just don't know why.
it's been a few weeks.
i thought i'm fine.

i still think that i'm fine.
but it's just that till this very moment i still cry.
i don't really know why.
i look fine. but inside i cry.

seriously, i just don't know why.
i smile but i cry.

With love,