Friday, October 3, 2008

what did u miss out?

1. YES! we're done with it!

2. Ms Jenny's kacangs and kerepeks from Indonesia.

3. Yee Wen's pressie for me from Thailand

4. Penang, We Conquered!
Mich, Chingy, Anita, Alwi, Teck, Ekmund, Josh,
Nicky, Yvonne, Sherman, Wendy, Ean, Jon, Jordan, Albert
(i'll blog bout this later)

5. and oh yeah...i got this SMS from Pam.
"JADE!!! U AND i both
got a freaking A!!!"

-that's for Moral (lol)-


Everyone is missing me ade (lol)...AND
I'm missing everyone too!

With love,