Sunday, October 26, 2008

Vote for ARTS-ED too!!!

aha! remember the mural for one of the heritage trades we did?
ok..this. you remember? =D
yeah! it's by arts-ed!
i was with the group since 2002.
it made me realize how important our heritage is.
it's our roots, our treasures!
from Anak-Anak Kota to Penang Heritage Idols, 
arts-Ed had taught me a lot!
...and i mean A LOT!

so, please help me and vote for ARTS-ED!
thanks a million.

ARTS-ED or better known as Anak Anak Kota, is a community-based arts and heritage program that seeks to explore and provides innovative and non- formal arts an heritage education for young people through collaboration with local and regional arts educators, artists and local communities via visual arts, drama, music, video etc to interpret their notion of heritage.

Noted to ‘bridge’ the young people with the local wisdom for the past 8 years and running, ARTS-ED provides free education and recruit students through schools, colleges and universities.



how to VOTE?

Step 1:
Type: AYA CO 1

Step 2:
Send to: 36828

Note: Each SMS will be charged RM0.80.
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so it's:


With love,