Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Malacca in 6 hours...

...and i've got 338 shots!

Went there with
Ekmund, Andrew, Teck, Jon, Alwi, Renee, Iylia.

We went at around 5pm.
Went for satay celup.
Went to the sejarah places...
Christ Church, St. Paul's Church...

oh yea, we went up to St Paul's Church...
and it was super duper hyper dark.

and Ek climbed up the stairs and started playing...
"Knock..knock, who's there?"

Went to Menara Taming Sari..but closed ade...
So went makan ikan pari with rice.
...and started our journey back.
Went for Ampang Ramly Burger when we reached KL.

dropped Renee back and after that...
..their fav thing to do...
kacau bapuk.

aihzz..damn bad la...
anways..was sleeping~ XS
and back home i was!

With love,