Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Melody~

These are the 2 perfume ads are for Italy and Malaysia,
done by us for our Cross Cultural Studies assignment.

Model: Siti Norhazian
Location: Curve, PJ
Sprinkles of stardust decorating my bright blue sky. 
Dancing fairies in colorful dresses twirling by. 
There are beats as I sashay my way. 
White unicorn waiting to take me far away. 
I wave my wand to each whims and fancies. 
The world’s my very own play party. 
Chirping birds, pretty flowers, butterfly kisses. 
I grant my own wishes.

This is my song. 
My Melody.  

Models: Jade Lim, Pamela Ng, Siti Norhazian, Michelle Wong
Location: some park in DJ
Our shared laughter and secret smiles. 
The sound of you telling me the rainbow’s end is not that far. 
The windy rain that blow scents of summer. 
The way you make me dance even when it hurts. 
The harmonious springs in our steps. 
Your whispers of faith and care. 
The beautiful rhythm of our chemistry. 
Echoes of the picture perfect memories.

This is my song.
My melody

P/S: for the msia ad, we girls spend around 2 hours under the rain. lol..damn fun!
actually our plan was to shoot under the hot sunny sky..but mana tau..

With love,