Saturday, August 30, 2008

that ONE day, came.

Dear friends,
GUESS WHAT was that ONE day?
it's the day which i've always wanted THAT DAY to come.
i've always dream of talking/giving a speech in front of public...
(i thought it could never happened..but it
AHA! it all happened so fast that I, myself couldn't imagine me doing it!
Dream #2 achieved!
(#1 was to meet Yasmin Ahmad...and so I did last year at the TVC Cannes Lions)

this is my 1st time emceeing.
it's scary at first.
imagine la..all the Education "Big Shots" are sitting in front all~
from principals to directors to managers to wow~

I emceed the ceremony with Marcus from
Univeristy of Nottingham.

Seang Yee and Jade

Jade with Dato Ng Poh Tip
(Group Editorial/Education Advisor, Star Publications)

Jade with Mr Richard Foo
(The Star Education Fund Manager)

with d gals!

Jade with Mr Lee
(Executive Director of IACT :D)

Jade with Ms Susanna
(The Star Education Fund Assistant Manager)

Marcus, Ms Susanna, Jade and Mr Richard after the awards ceremony

With love,