Friday, August 8, 2008

the 8 Wonders of me!

Characteristics of an '8' person
[taken from The StarSpecial, Firday 8th AUgust 2008- 8 Wonders]

· People born on the 8th of any month will be governed by the planet Saturn which represents this number in numerology.

· He or she will be attractive and have a positive attitude towards any task given to them.

· They also have the capability to convince people because of their pleasant nature and factual in their conversation.

· Although they may appear hostile sometimes, generally they are fun-loving and focused in whatever they do if they are the positive type.

· They often come under criticism for their unique ideas, but do not give up easily.

· Striving until the end is their usual character because they have strong determination and abilities.

· They are capable of doing difficult tasks and are reliable.

· Many of them will hold high and important positions in business and organizations and they make excellent finance managers because they are prudent in money matters.

· Men and women born on this date will be materialistic, lower power and authority.

· Sometimes they can be dominating in the way they carry out their tasks because they are naturally knowledgeable in any subject they are faced with.

· Due to their intuitive powers they are able to forecast or predict events before they occur.

· Distant and quiet places interest them and they love nature and like gardening.

· They have a soft spot for the less fortunate and often find themselves involved in charitable events.

so true~

As an '8' person,

- Lucky, I am

- ...and Madam Zorra told me this

With love,