Sunday, May 11, 2008

what's so special?

...of fancy restaurants, choclates and flowers.
*awww, how lovely~ it's Mothers' Day!*

When these days are round the corner, as usual, in school, we will be asked to do cards for them.
here's a story my mom just told me today.
as usual, she'll ask her students to do Mothers' Day cards for their moms.
but this 10 year old girl said,
"I hate my mother.
I hate my father.
They always fight.
I am scared."

WHY? i mean...why must parents fight? why must they do this?
What happened to all the Mothers' Day? Fathers' Day thingy?
what happend to FAMILIES nowadays?
what had happened to the SOCIETY?



U know what?
Those of you out there (you know who you are),
we are DARN LUCKY to have our parents...our mom, our dad,
...our FAMILY!
so, please...please...respect them, please.

thank you.

so what did i do for my mom on Mothers' Day?
I called my MOM...
for 10000000000000 times. seems like it's been such a long time I didn't get to call her.

surprised for me not getting her anything or not doing for her what-so-ever special?

she told me that there's no need for all these kinda stuff ONLY on Mothers'Day.
she says, "Imagine you daughter/son is always naughty/bad..and only on MD he/she brings u to a fancy restaurant and buy you gifts.
Would the mother be happy?
She can't even swallow her food! lolx"

true that.
we just the normal lunch and dinner together.

With love,