Friday, May 2, 2008

We Speak Image-

love this campaign!

With love,


pekchek queen said...

go send in all your pictures laaa..hohohoho..

chrisshee said...

i'm inspired!! thanks jade!

the first image gave me an idea that miracles can happen, coz rain drops can be made. well i know rain CAN be made but i almost forgotten this fact until i see this picture!

the second one inspires me that if even photography can take X-ray shots, X-rays can be made more economical. just one of the inspired point. that shows how anything is possible and anything can be made economical if the massive demand is there!

third i'm not sure yet. rushing out now, gotta be back late coz mum wants to go out have fun, in Sepang Goldcoast.

4th tells me that the forest needs our attention, love and care to unlock unlimited potentials into the future.

many more different interpretations i believe! do share! inspire me dudes!! =P bye

Jade said...

lol....yeah the X-ray shots really captured my eyes.
that's why i blog bout it. XD