Friday, May 9, 2008


Mich, Pam, Joe and I went makan makan and lepak yesterday.
suprisingly after around 35 hours without sleep, we still boleh go lepak. -.-

1. went to Sushi King.

2. had Ikea RM1 ice cream.

3. lepak around Cineleisure.

4. play hide and seek in Cineleisure.
pam and mich in a group. me and joe another.
1st they went to hide..
but before they text us the hint, we already found them.
joe and i went downstairs to hide..and text them a hint.
but they still they ask for another hint.
we sit in the middle of the circle take photos after that.

5. drop mich back...
6. i online la..but after like half an hour..i (again) slept in front of this screen. LOL!

a few hours ago i was in... bus!

ok..I'm Back!

/////STUDY TIME/////

With love,