Thursday, May 1, 2008

no fooling around~

mee in the cup at around 8 sth at night in college?

of coffee, lappie, and iPod...

...and i continue my work.

With love,


chrisshee said...
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chrisshee said...

perhaps you are not aware how simple photos you post can inspire people and ideas happening. but as i analyze, do you believe me claiming that the Starbucks idea and those amazing cafe franchises equipped with wireless access came up because of perhaps people who documented simple lifestyles like you. maybe i've overrated blogging impacts coz they might be inspired by looking at real life people working with their laptop s, drinking coffee and munching on their cookies at the same time on a messy office table.


think again the next time if you are busy to share something simple.
coz you never know where and when on earth another brilliant idea can spark thanks to you.

Starbucks wouldn't have started a coffee biz if executives are not hanging out there but just old folks from small towns. wireless comes in coz they see it happening and thus building an executive-style cafe with BRANDING in mind.

as for the yummy cheese cakes adding to their menu? i bet you get it now. weren't mee in my cup snapped there? and iPOD huh.. the music running in the background. they are even selling musics they play in their franchises worldwide.

what if they cater to the hotter group of executives who wants to listen to pop music instead? maybe they can use the iPOD concept by then??

just to trigger more ideas that's all.

till then, great job JADE-D! XD

Jade said...

good point! :)

yea..they do have nice jazzy music in starbucks. luv it!

oh ya..currently they are having this experience iTouch for up to 2 hours inselected Starbucks..(i'm not sure is it still on anot..but u gotta bring along the cut out)