Monday, May 12, 2008

fishes swim, do they?

think bout it.
tell me.

if not, just get ur ass out there
do something to save them.

thank you.

With love,


chrisshee said...

wow i like this pic!! 4 stars!!
i stared and played with those fish biscuits some very long time ago too. hehe.

when fish don't swim, they sleep, but then again they float while sleeping, can we say they still swim? lol!

when fish don't "swim", they play with bubbles!! they go "fishing"!!

either fishing for fishes (eewW fish are nasty too, the fish around for mating seasons!! lol!), or fishing for food!! and they fish for games too! wakaka! =P

the last place they go when not swimming is into the scary nets of fishermen and ended up in our plates, then our intestines.. this is a food chain, we can't exactly emphathize fish jade.. at least they are the last animal species that we will empathize i think, coz we can hardly feel how fishes feel.. coz they don't display emotions on their faces. hey are you a vegetarian? =P

Jade said...

it's call pencemaran air la...
when they don't swim, they DIE!

i'm semivegetarian who eats seafood. don't eat pork, beef, and meat a lil'. XD