Sunday, April 27, 2008

Why so fast?

another big fat four-letter word.

I walk fast.
Many people ask me this. WHY?
People say i’m always busy.
a “businesswoman”, i am.


i myself always wonder why...

I walk fast.
Am i scared?
Am i in a hurry?
What the hell m i chasing for?

Can we just stop and stare?
Can we?

everything is going on so fast.
everything is moving so fast.
everything is ending so fast.

i need some space.
i need some air.
i need some serenity.

I need to breathe.


With love,
(stronger each day, i am)


chrisshee said...

do take a short break every now and then my dear friend. enough rest is the key to greater inspirations.

love the "FAT" adjective for "fast"! even though "fast" doesn't appear juicy, sloppy, or attractive to me. neither does "fat" appear fast to me.. maybe you have a different point of view. or you simply wrote it as a diary. or the "FAT" just goes with the bold and highlighted "FAST" you underscore.
creative! just that i think you could do more than that. no pressure, just my opinion, not worth serious considerations.

i seriously think you need a break. personally i think some of your past ad posts are very impressive but the later ones a little less impressive. but you are definitely a talent i shall not miss out on! coz there's hell a lot i can be inspired and learn from you!

i'm sure you are too tired working on your assignments lately.

anyway good luck and best wishes! XD (your emo abused again! haha!)

Jade said...

hey chris~

a break~ during my 1week sem break ade la..i guess...*sigh*