Friday, April 25, 2008

We're in R.AGE!

the actual thing i wrote:

through my lenses…myEyes and myCamera.
A photo journal by: Jade Lim Pei Ling

When they say, that a thousand words paints a picture. I agree. Probably more than a thousand, I would say, infinite. When pictures speak, they not only hit you in the eyes but shake your senses. There are some things in life you just cannot put into words. You can counter this by depicting them in pictures instead!

Let photography speaks…

To me, photography is life! It’s an expression of my soul! It’s what I call love! The perfect masterpiece’s secret recipe is what we term as PASSION. With PASSION, the end product…priceless.

Okay, here I am consoling everyone and myself that you can produce great photos without having the oh-so-expensive DSLR with the extra super-size, heavy, pricey lenses. It’s just Ready, Aim, Fire! Yeah, that’s what I call…SHOOTING!

Since an early age, I had this innate love for taking photos. In high school, I got the chance to polish up my skills in the editorial board. In 2004, Makihiko Kumekawa, a professional photojournalist who was appointed to interview all the Asian Grand Prix winners of the Mitsubishi Impression Gallery came over to Penang to interview me for the Monthly Mitsubishi (September 2004 issue). At that time, I was like WOW! In just half a day, he took around 15 rolls of films... but now I understand why. Yeah! He travels around… the globe! And I love his job! He has been my inspiration since then! His photos are awesome!

I remembered once when I was developing photos for a competition, a professional photographer asked me what the photos were for...and when I told him, he replied that he himself did not dare to take part in the competition. I was wondering why. For me, there was no harm in trying and I always ask myself this; “Why Not?”- and so I took up my camera and have continued snapping away since then.

Photos (from top l-r):
1. An empty chair... time to leave.
Beyond this boundary... a fire-hydrant against the coarse textured wall.
3. A majestic sight! A storm brewing over Penang Bridge.
4. Push buttons on a fixed line telephone competing for visibility against the mobile phone!
5. An old brass tap in Sefton Cottage, Mount.Wilson, off Sydney, Australia
6. A young leaf awash with freshness from the droplets of rain!
7. Seriously thinking, please don’t tell mama.

With love,


XiangMei said...

Is that you in the newspaper?

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Jazzy*Pam said...

Yayness! :D Go Inkies!

Hahaha. Stealing your pics! :P

Fendy said...

wah. hebat!!

Jade said...

>xiangmei- yeah! XD

>shiaa- yeah, man! we did it! GLOWing!

>jazzy*pam- INKIES!!! yea..GLOWING very bright... np to steal! ;p

>fendy-tentulah...baru tau? lol XD