Sunday, April 13, 2008

We're in the news again!

CREACTIVE's da' name...
bonding's da' game...
here we go again!

We're out in The Star Education section E13 today. Go check it out!
Here's the story (taken from The Star Online [+])

Bonding in Bali

THERE is nothing like a short trip abroad to get the creative juices flowing, what more if it is to an exotic place like Bali.

At least, that is what Institute Advertising Communication Training's (IACT) student-run advertising agency Creactive believed in when it organised a five-day skills enhancing and team-building trip to the island recently.

Two lecturers accompanied the 11 Creactive students on the trip.

“There are only two words to describe our experience in Bali – mind blowing and enthralling,” said project coordinator Felicia Wong Nyuk Ching.

“The Balinese culture is really rich and unique. I am so glad we organised the trip,” added the 20-year-old lass, who is pursuing a diploma in mass communication.

Her team-mate, Suah Boon Chuan, 23, agreed.

“Bali really rocks,” said the advertising/ marketing communication student. “The trip was a great learning experience for me.

“I found out so many things about Bali and the Balinese culture first-hand. It beats learning from Discovery Channel any day.

“And the best part is, I got to know my team-mates better and bonded with them,” Boon Chuan added.

Creactive was set up to give students more exposure to working life in the advertising industry, said IACT lecturer May Gan.

The agency allowed students to work with real life clients rather than just do homework. The students often took on the roles of manager, assistant manager, account executive, graphic designer, copywriter and project coordinator.

In Bali, the students' challenge was to come up with an integrated campaign for Sony PSP and Apple iPhone.

The results of the students' hard work, together with a video presentation and a photograph expo, were showcased at the Creactive Bali Ad-Works Exhibition, held at the IACT gallery in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, after the trip.

Aimed at giving team-members the chance to share their learning experience, the exhibition also offered IACT students an overview of the advertising scene in Bali.

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chrisshee said...

Sony PSP and Apple iPhone.

why Bali?

futuristic vs. the less developed..

a complement 2 each other it is?

2 cover d likely neglected?

"enough asked".

haha. =P

Jade said...

ok Sony PSP and Apple iPhone.
I'm not sure why exactly but we were given that task...and yeah! we did a whole campaign for them...but it's just a task. XD
A job well done though.

actually it's just that our lecturers want to see what ideas we can come out during our team building holiday at Bali!