Thursday, April 24, 2008

We are in R.AGE!!!


go grab yout The Star R.AGE today!
you can see us in there...
and my works too!!!

didn't know bout it until Chiew Nyen, my bestfriend from Penang smsed me.
"Saw da rage d not? U go gurl =)"

even though i still don't have a copy here with me.
ok, Will update more bout it when i get my adapter and the R.AGE itself.

fuh~ at least something made my day!
With love,


chrisshee said...
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chrisshee said...

hey there!

coming back to you on your recommended studies on ads, i'd seen the Durex Father's Day ad, darn it's super cool. sarcasm huh, totally brilliant! i'm sure the competing brands are challenged now. haha!

hey i came across this cool site about logo designs and color, as you advised to, and i think it's very interesting.

in case you hadn't seen it, check it out, some logos are really brilliant! i'm sure it'll be of great use to you. perhaps we can some meaningful discussion on some of the designs i don't quite understand? if you are free to blog about them.

till you reply. thxs and take care my new friend!

n your signature expression, (abused) XD


Jade said...

yea man! That Durex ad is simple yet complicated.

=) thanks for the link!
will blog about it when i have the time.

Jazzy*Pam said...

Gee, we rock! :D

Jade said...

pam...we're gonna GLOW GLOW and GLOW later! XD