Thursday, April 24, 2008

Rp50,000 = SMILES

MY SHADES! another reason for people to SMILE (and laugh)

it's just my shades which i got from Bali...only roughly Rp 50,000 (Rm15~)
many people damn syiok with this shades la!
LOL...especially guys... i don't know why nowadays guys are becoming more girlish or hmm...they just plain gays!

ok..this post all started when i read Wai Cheen's post [+]
and this 2 photos...i stole from her XD thanks!
Her tangan gatal and took the shades from me during class!

and this reminds me of all these photos...

Fei's damn happy in my shades! Boon looking damn jealous!
ok that's in Bali. (maybe just a few hours after i bought that shades)

...and here's Ryan the! (after Fei wore it...)

AHA! speechless la~ Teck Seng...teruk ade la u...
see see...JOE behind damn jealous slumber oni.
why you didn't invite him together-gather take photo? LOL!

Mich + Pam...see all kalah to Teck la..he pose until so "CANTIK"!

Actually, there are many more...but some i did not snap any pic.
They themselves come and lend it from me..and snap it with their cameras!
damn funny wei...

Some even come and lend just for the sake of taking photos!
real value for money la this shades!

With love,