Tuesday, April 22, 2008

moving on~

it's just the beginning...

the Light is there.
the Courage is here.

I am what I am.

P/S: GLOWing!
With love,


chrisshee said...


i'm really inspired by this work of art!

did u capture it urslf? wow i'll closely follow your blogs next time.

instead of seeing darkness falling upon 1 now, you see "COURAGE"! bold dark black for courage! impressive!

on d contrary, u highlighted white LIGHT as hopes in d future u r moving forward 2! u give ppl hopes n strength thru tis simple pic n captions! fabulous!

n last but not least, u showed ur bold character thru ur final 2 lines! cool! u hav attitude. jz d way u insisted 2 go green! u can b a great leader.

look 4ward 2 seeing that day. =)

Jade said...

Thank u...thank u...lol~
it's another photo taken by me . =)

i have this post up because that day, i just slept for 2 hours (2am-4am) cuz was busy doing my assignment! lol~ last minute... anyways...

it's just a way to inspire myself...and others.
go on...and never stop there.

people always say that "there's a light at the end of the tunnel"
it's abit similiar to that. =)

btw..my P/S note there: GLOWing is because my team, GLOW Inc. had a presentation in the afternoon on that day. XD

=)thanks,Chris for the inspiration!

Jade said...

oh btw... that picture was taken in Istana Kehakiman,Putrajaya last year.

chrisshee said...

wouch! i didn't take notice of the "glowing" part at 1st. but now it's more like branding. cool~~u branded ur team. tat's wat v call a Compact but Complete ad. luv it! haha! u mind if i copy d pic 2 my galleries? dun worry i won't use it 4 commercial purpose. i respect artworks n i definitely respect ur copyrights! haha! at most i might share it wit my frenz on frenster?? or i think it's better i jz link 2 ur site n recommend traffic here. gee.. haha! gud work shuld b appreciated. b inspired n gloWW! i'm sure more greater ads wil b produced by J-A-D-E. =D

chrisshee said...

hey about sharing ur this artwork wit my frenz, if i happen 2 do so, i'll definitely leav d credit 2 u. dun worry, u hav my words. probably i'm 2 new a "fren" (as yet, perhaps a stranger) 4 u 2 trust my words now, it's okay, i'll leav it 2 u 2 decide if i'm an honest fren if v were 2 b frenz later. gee nice 2 kno u by the way.

in fact, i won't deny that i was at first tempted to click on ur link coz ur full-of-attitude photo.

but dun worry, d last thg i'll do is b a boot-licker, i'm jz expressing credits to ppl i believe are talented.

till then, happy sharing ideas with you and keep up the great work! =D

Jade said...

yo man! ok, sure...
what's your friendster add? XD

hope this picture did inspire you too!