Tuesday, April 8, 2008

his story...

take a look at this picture...
guess what?

ok, here's what...

1. taken on 19.1.2008 during the 1st National Youth Entrepreneur Convention 2008 at PWTC.
2. edited a day or two after that.
3. i blog bout my YEC 2008 experience [+]
...and that's why my BIG name- JadeLIM- is there. lol.
4. got it in my Youth Malaysia blog too. [+]--ok..there's nothing there, seriously!
5. posted it in Youth Entrepreneurs Group in Facebook [+]...and yeah...
6. he got it in his blog [+]. muahahaha...lol.
7. and now..i got it here.

With love,


yours truly fel said...

i saw i saw first at his blog. LOL. should be paying attention la. *slaps forehead* haha.. :D

Jade said...

lol! wah! XD