Tuesday, April 22, 2008

HIJAU rox!


Catch "An Inconvenient Truth" by Al Gore at 9pm on HBO later!
damn goood documentry bout THE TRUTH of YOU...ME...and YOUR NEIGHBOUR!
watch it...i bet you'll love it.


Check the trailer out at Youtube[+]

With love,


chrisshee said...

interesting ways of highlighting your message thru green for GREEN ACTS!

n REDs for alerts and important pts u hope ppl focus on. cool!

u r in d ad course rite?

may i kno what signals come along with blue, black, white and yellow? coz i find a lot of blacks, whites and yellows in strong ads.

whereas blue n purple which r a few of my favourites hardly come in as aggressive, apart from for pepsi.. hehe.

btw i'm christopher. hope 2 learn sth from u.


Jade said...

Do check our my other blogs on the environment...just at the bottom of this post (labels) click on "myEarth"

yupe Chris!
I'm currently doing my Diploma in Advertising/Marketing Communication at IACT.

lol..colours~yeah! ok..m not an expert of what la...but here's what i think.

Colours really play an important role in ads. I can't tell u exactly what these colours really mean because for each colour...got like light and dark..and in different contex, it means different things.

For example google image this "Durex Father's Day ad". Tell me what you think the colour here means? if you don't get it...i'll explain later.

Black and White of course is to usually compliment the other colours.

Colours of logos also play a BIG part of the company.
If you really want to know in detail, google and do more research about it! XD

chrisshee said...

haha sure! thxs 4 d valuable advices! durex father's day's ad? i'll check it out n come back 2 u 2 c if i nail it. haha! i guess i won't but i would like 2 try. haha. i'll google on d colors' role on company's logo. thxs again! =D

Jade said...

keke....guess u did understand the ad, right?
Great! XD