Wednesday, April 30, 2008


...and so, we JUMP...

(Pam, Jade, Azian, Mich, Joe)
...and FLY!

With love,


Jazzy*Pam said...

Wheeeee! :D

Jade said...

yeah! damn fun! XD

chrisshee said...


i like the whole idea.

it started with, "..and so..", that sounds like a progress, it appears like a process taking place some time ago and NOT suddenly. that's the cool part, coz it inspires me about how things take their progressive steps to evolve and not expecting a sudden dramatic out of nowhere or effortlessly.

if you read my points.

it's a wisdom learned encouraging youth to progressively improve themselves and then only expect miracles to happen, i.e. the leap of faith, where JUMPing is MAGnified into FLYing!!

hope my comments inspire you in return too.

=P glad that you dedicate time on your passion despite being extremely busy.

and good work for the picture taken, it's very down to earth, showcasing the girls and boys next door jumping in excitement instead of excessive special effects graphics.

it shows how simple happenings can be captured, documented and still inspire people.

XD (ur emo abused again!)

Jade said...

thanks. well said.