Sunday, April 27, 2008

A blessing in disguise~

...and there goes my adapter. grrrr~

That was Thursday. When my adapter did that to me, my life just ended awhile.
Kenneth was sitting opposite of me, talking to me...and he got shocked. He was like “ Is your hand ok?” hmm...i didn’t even care bout my hand that time. I was like “HOLY shit! My damn adapter! My assignments! My presentation!- how am i supposed to do my work now? DAMN!”

Fuh~geez....i did not know what to do. I felt so restless. I walked up. I walked down.
i did not know what to do.
i felt like crying. i felt like dying.
i called my mom. I called my sis.
...and i knew help would be on the way.

yeah~ a blessing. (or so, did i make it happen)
i bought my Aeroline ticket online.

Friday. 10.30am. In Aeroline.
I was... as usual, sitting downstairs. Came an old lady holding her bags and stuff.
I asked her if she needed any help. She said no. Well, ok.
She put her bag down and started talking to me. Telling me bout her history...and what she does now. She’s working at the inti cafeteria...and she always sees the students keep on changing bf/gf...she told me “Every week, they change bf/gf...just like changing clothes.” LOL!

True in fact.

She told me, “Here’s a lesson of life. Now that i’m still studying, it’s always good to just concentrate on books. Not boys. “She said that after studying only bf/gf “After studying you all can throw the “toilet paper” (scroll/cert)...but now must first concentrate on books.”
I was like...okay....LOL! of all people on earth, she tells me this.
Hey, m a SUPERSINGLE...and will always remain one. Why me? Wrong please...LOL!

During the movie “Just Like Heaven” ( she chose that...cuz of the word heaven (i guess)), and yea, she continues her story ...telling me that she’s still active with her group of 4 friends (she’s the youngest (almost 70) and the oldest is around 92)...she told me what they always do etc.

ok. Reach Penang.
1. Went to HP Centre...they said was the power socket. (ok~)
2. Makan roti telur.
3. Went to the electrical shop to so-called get the power socket...and it *poof* again...the whole shop black-out...(sorry guys!-my bad)
4. Went back to HP Centre...gave them my whole adapter back... (geez...they said by Wednesday only the stocks can arrive...oh well~)
5. Mom drop me back home. She went to get the adapter from her friend in town. (i can only borrow the adapter for the weekends...due to something la)
6. Did my work abit...makan...
7. Yee Wen came over..cuz she was damn boring. Hugged. Stories.
8. Went to family house to get durians.

Next day.
1. Woke up super damn late...around 12. So had breakfast cum lunch... spaghetti and durian rice... LOL! Yeah! Sedap man!
2. Whole afternoon went to find something... went to the kampung, went to youth park, went to botanical gardens. And finally, got it! Mom was damn happy when she saw it.. lol..anyways...
3. Whole afternoon gone...went back and out again for dinner.

1. woke up. Did a lil’work.
2. Went to Queensbay to find Shafiq and his friends to get the adapter...but still cannot la...we went around Queensbay to find for it...but vain.
3. We didn’t gave up ...and went to Bukit Jambul Complex to find...but haih...don’t have la.
4. So was damn sad...and mom called her friend to ask whether is it possible for me to borrow her adapter for a week... AND FUH! Luckly...she says ok... THANK YOU, aunty!

...and so, here i am in the bus again... eating ...guess what?!? (u can never see me eating this anywhere) CHICKEN RICE! Lol...imagine jade eating chicken rice...ok..nvm...(btw..had my spaghetti and fruits at around

That’s a whole ADAPTER weekend. Gosh!
but ... but... no matter what is it...i’m very very very happy to be back home.
and to sleep on my bed... (i think it’s almost a year ade since i last sleep on my bed~ ...haih~)

I’ll be back.
With love,