Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ads #3

after doing my Consumer Behaviour ADBook,
there's so many ads i came across.
here are a few of the CHUNted ones...
...will share with you guys more of it next time.

see the visual. he is dressed like a salesperson/executive of Toyota BUT he is under a car (not a table...so, he's a mechanic as well)
read the copy again;
"At Toyota Occasions, we check the cars we sell ourselves"
This means that they (TOYOTA) do their services themselves.

"non smoking area"
This means that the rest are "SMOKING area"...LOL! great one here!

ok this ad...basically it plays on contrast.
of colours, and of responsibilities, and culture.

cute lil' lion~
this is bout a product...it says..
"Timotei Natural Style"
natural style~so the ad shows a visual of a natural environment.
Lion's pride...with a lil'style!

"No time for stop? Drive Thru."
yea...people are always rushing and busy, busy, busy...reading the only news and zapping off ads, they came out with the idea of having an ad in between the news! This will somewhat captures people's attentions.

ok...here's one of my favourite print ads...by Volvo

ok...let's go one by one...
convertible: HIP- it explains the hipness of it, want to be free, bold, youthful!
covered-up top: SHY- malu people usually close up and dare not show off.
convertible: OPEN-basically is the top
covered-up top: UNDO- close up...so u'll undo it after you OPEN it la~
convertible: usually people in this..they like to be labled as HOT and SEXY kind~
covered-up: JOY...usually for this...it's more of a family car and u share you happiness etc...something like that la...

this is cute too..

*click to enlarge them*

With love,


chrisshee said...

thumbs up 4 d fabulous ads u shared in ur blog. thxs.

they r inspiring!

esp love d sarcastic green ad on smoking and graves.. haha!

look 4ward 2 seeing ur comments on d photo ads. esp on d mcD ad, d united colors, volvo and chinese food fest.

coz i don't get the entire picture of what they are trying to convey.

i can c that d volvo ad tries 2 relate its brand to hipness, joy,hotness, n openness, but what about "shy"ness and the "undo"ing part?

perhaps shyness appeal 2 some small portion of the market whereby those consumers find "shyness" a sense of attractiveness? gee..

perhaps "undo" complements that volvo has d perfect reverse engineering tech? so it can modify 2 consumers' preferences? easy 2 repair or so?? haha!

hope 2 hear ur comments.

Jade said...

ok christopher, i've added the comments on the ads! XD

sorry, was too tired to explain about them yesterday~

chrisshee said...

haha cool! now i c.. contrast, culture n responsibility can b shown tat way, very interesting indeed. drive-thru ads! awesome, seen tat on floors, bins, auto-doors n etc but i guess half way thru d paper tat way attracts attention 2. no wonder mcD has tremendous branding successes. heard of d event ADWAVE before? it's hosted annually in USM penang n i find d exhibited ad products very inspiring 2. i jz wonder how volvo expects its msg sent across tat way, d "convertible" msgs? probably after u kno it's a convertible car. gee i definitely learned sth here. thxs again. hav a nice day. =D

Jade said...

yupe! heard of ADWAVE before! XD
no problem~