Wednesday, April 16, 2008


...of medicine, water, bed.

enough said.

With love,


XiangMei said...

Are you sick? If you r,then i hope you get well soon..!

TV de Plasma said...

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chrisshee said...

charisma comes with attitude.

i like this blog author.

brief n concise but complete with points.

inspiring author.

"enough said". cool.

u r 1 of a kind.

Jade said...

>xiangmei's been a week!
and i'm still coughing~ geez.
thanks, gal!

>tv de plasma

thanks, man!
LOL! "enough said"- too sick to write more... XD
btw, how did you stumbl upon my blog? and do you blog too?

chrisshee said...

i used 2 blog.. trying 2 engage in2 a more emotional side of myself jz 2 see if some remarkable stories or so can be produced and inspire people.. but i'd deleted all of them.

there were more than expected traffic over my blog, and well i wrote too much on the negative down sides coz i was overwhelmed by sad stories and dramas as those appear 2 b flicks that people connect most easily regardless of nationality or boundaries, afterall people hardly share their little secrets and downsides.

but after a decent period going deep in2 it, i find it distasteful 2 my life, i screwed myself n pinned my own confidence down, even though people are fairly encouraging and touched, i don't feel good after everything, so i deleted them and start all new. jz 2 b happier instead of just being "special".

haha! probably i freaks u out this way, well what do u kno? "I AM WHO I AM…NOT JUST WHO U THINK I AM!" haha! XD

chrisshee said...

oh yea 4got 2 tell u how i stumble upon ur blog by clicking a link from ur fren'z blog. the name's michael. n i happen 2 know his profile from n yea i just noticed u r on 2. u hav amazing photos. =P

Jade said...

hmm... yeah, perhaps~

ooo...mike! XD yea~ he's doing great in the "Youth Entrepreneurship and Business Forum" in youthsays!

yeah! rox! XD

chrisshee said...

another review on this blog post.

the great thing i'm currently trying to learn from you is to make my messages brief and concise, coz i'm always a wordy person with little points if that's what you think. i'll brush up on that for sure, coz certain occasions need that criteria. wink*

let's give it a try here. same message, concise means.

"additional comment,
learning in progress,
the art of conciseness,
ridding the wordiness,
compliment to specific occasions.
thanks to J.A.D.E. Lim"

how cool is that? yo~~